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    Sea the Ships

    If you have an interest in Ships, Shipping and the Sea you are welcome to explore SeaTheShips - a free to use website, run by Pacific Island Navigation on a non-commercial basis. The ethos of SeaTheShips:

    "The Sea is a powerful friend, and all of us are at its mercy and also in its debt; for it teaches, it protects and it gives us life - sadly it also takes it away, but just as there can be no black without white, or love without loss, so it is something truly special and worthy of a special place in our hearts."

    "Without the Sea there would be no Ships; without the Ships there would be no Seamen, without Seaman the world would have very little; indeed we owe all three of these a debt of gratitude that we cannot adequately repay; but just maybe through this Site, we are able put something back into a past society, as well as a society yet to come."

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  • About Pacific Island Navigation Ltd.

    We are the European Commercial Managers for Chinese Maritime Transport Ltd of Taipei.